bad tape job


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bad tape job

Hello, Just re-did a six room rental apartment with sheetrock/ drywall. The taper did a terrible job. You can see seams and screw holes through out the job. It
has been primed and painted already. It looks to me like he just did a bad job sanding. Do I have any options at this point???? Is there any type of paint to cover this up??? Thanks for your help in advance. Eric
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having the same problem

I am having the same problem with covering up seams, I have asked several sources and e-mailed different places, but have yet to come up with a solution. If I find anything out I will let you know and if you find something please let me know.

Thanks and good luck,
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You could try a knock-down or skip trowel texture or have the original co. redo the job.
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What about sanding down the bad spots, repriming, painting and texturing? Is that the obvious but unwanted answer? I have the same issue in my bathroom, and I'm struggling with what to do.
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Hey Guys, I had a commerical taper who does malls come and take a look at the job. He said the only way to properly fix it is to skim coat the entire apartment. He said to try and hide the problem, to sand down the rough spots and repaint using a thick nap wet roller which will leave a layer of paint and somewhat smooth it out. He said the time and cost of skim coating the job would be prohibitive. With that said, if this was not a rental, I would redo the whole job. Any of you pro's out there got any advice!!!! Thanks Eric
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he about sumed it up. That problem should've been caught long before it ever reached the point of finished product. Mudder knew it would be that way if he has any brains cells/experience which are now in question obviously. Guy priming should've brought it to the GC's attention, why the GC did'nt catch/say something himself is beyond me? Either way, it is a bad deal that should've/could've been prevented.

Since you did'nt authorize payment yet for that aspect of the job, you should have no trouble getting the mudder back to fix all his did'nt authorize that yet right??? If so you essentially were part of the problem by allowing payment you said-it's fine. Did you have to sign a lein release for that aspect? or is the GC taking care of all leins? Hold payment to the GC until it's resolved since you have'nt paid in full yet right?? If you did pay him/them...good luck with anything happening now.

There is no easy way to fix a mess of that magnitude at this point in the game!!!

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