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Question Wall question

I would like to make the opening from my livingroom to the diningroom smaller by extending the walls on the sides of the opening to make a smaller opening. The question is, will I have to tear up the newly laid carpeting that goes from the living room to the dining room in order to do this. Or can I secure the framing to the existing opening and through the carpeting and wood flooring underneath the carpet without cuting the carpeting. I will only be extending the walls on each side by 2-1/2 feet so it will not be a large wall that I will be making. Any help from any of you will be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums. Would have been nice to have done this before the carpet was laid, but hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it. If you don't cut out the carpet in the areas where the wall is to be extended you will more than likely have a problem getting the baseboard to look good, but other than that, I guess you could extend the wall over the carpet. Not the way I would do it, but it would be acceptable I guess.
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Lightbulb Wall Question

Thank you so much for your help. You're right, It would have been easier if it was done before the carpet was put down. We live in an old stone bungalo that was built back in the early 1940's so the baseboards are about 4" with shoe molding at the bottom and molding at the top. I was thinking about asking the people who put in the carpet if they would come out and cut the carpeting where the wall is going to go and then after it is finished come back and tack down the carpet. That way it will be stretched and attached correctly. I was just hoping that we could extend the walls without doing that so the carpet wouldn't have to be cut. The reason we didn't do it before the carpet was because we moved in and had really bad carpeting down that was so old it was crumbling and I was worried about a fire hazzard. So we got new carpeting and then decided what to start doing with the house. We had a lot of floor boards under the old carpet that had to be replaced because they were bad and we had holes in the floor under the carpet. But other than that the house is in pretty good shape. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my post. You've given us something to think about before we go ahead and do it.

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