Is this a load-bearing wall?


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Is this a load-bearing wall?

Ok. Here's a rookie question for ya:

How do you determine if a wall is load-bearing or not?
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Flip a quater then go to the next wall, heads=bearing tails=non-load bearing...engineers use this method exclusively when designing

Typically looking at floor joist and ceiling joist/rafters and which way they run are good indications of a LB wall or not. Typically most exterior walls are loadbearing. If the house has gable ends the ends of the house are non load bearing since the trusses/rafters sit on the outside walls, all the roof load is transfered into the wall they rest on then down through the foundation.

Hip roof houses, all the exterior walls are load bearing since the roof transfers the load to all the exterior walls.

Interior walls on a small house single story, they will typically run a wall down the middle of the house to carry the load of the ceiling joists. Many variations since interior design is so different per house. Another good way to tell if that interior wall is load bearing, look in the basement to see if it rests on top of a beam. If there is a beam below that wall chances are pretty good it's load bearing.

There's sooo many different scenarios it's impossible to name every one. Typically if you have no idea and are going to do something anyways, ALWAYS treat the wall in question as if it werer a load bearing item since you can't go wrong over building, just costs more money.
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Excellent post there Josh!

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