Ceiling repair


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Ceiling repair

Here's the deal. I have dual layer 5/8" drywall on walls and ceiling. The contractor that hung the drywall screwed up and I am finishing up the job.

When I got to one corner I noticed that the ceiling tended to slant down in the corner. The walls also slanted in at the corner. This looked like crap so I tore out the first layer and replaced with big enough patches so as to have straight and level lines.

The problem is that the corner itself is lower at one of the walls so if I want the entire corner to be level and straight I can't just put another piece of 5/8" in or the slant will be noticed.

My plan is to use 1/2" and 1/4" in place of the 5/8" for the second layer on the ceiling starting about 4ft from the corner or where the straight ceiling begins to slant down. I then plan on putting setting mud on top of that to level and straight.

How deep can I have the mud and should I use some form of tape for extra strength to keep it up on the ceiling.

I hope I've explained it well enough.
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The problem sounds like some real shoddy framing to me. You can build up alot with mud, especially setting type compound, you just have to do it in thin layers one at a time until you reach your finish level. Would have been alot easier to fix the framing to begin with, which is the framers job, not the drywall contractors. I do a walk thru with builders, or owners before submitting a bid to point out problems and always give them the option to fix it themselves or pay my hourly rate for doing it. Otherwise, we have a hung as is clause in the contract, which basically says, I showed where the framing was off, you chose not to remedy it, so I'm not responsible for the squareness of the finish wall/ceiling. Where your drywall contractor screwed up was not pointing the problem out before he hung the first level.
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Another area

You're right about the framing. You're also right about the drywallers not correcting the problem. That's why they got fired before it was too late.

On another issue. I found a dip in the ceiling up against another wall. This part has both layers of 5/8" drywall already up.

The dip extends about 2ft by 1ft. It's not much but when on the ladder it is noticeable and I think when the crown is up it will show.

Can I use a drywall rasp to remove this dip? It will require the removal of the paper as well as some of the gypsum on the second layer then skinning with hot mud.

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