How To Create Exposed Beam Ceiling?


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How To Create Exposed Beam Ceiling?

We have a 17 year old 2 story house in rural Missouri. The main floor is a 28 x 20 foot great room plus open kitchen and a bath. The builder apparantly installed the ceiling drywall end to end and now all the seams are starting to show. Some have hairline cracks the entire length of the room where the seams are. We tried repairing one of the cracks and retexturing the whole ceiling a couple of years ago but did a bad job. Now we want to redo the entire ceiling but don't feel we can probably afford to have someone come in and install a whole new ceiling. We are looking for ideas for either repairing it or remodeling it.

What is involved in taking out the ceiling and exposing the beams (rafters), but installing drywall between the beams so that we are not looking at the underside of the upstairs floor? Is there a practical way to do this and at the same time cover the beams with a smooth surface (lumber or drywall) so that the entire ceiling, beams and all, can be painted the same color (soft white)? We have 8' high ceilings and want to create the illusion of more height if possible.

As an alternative, would adding "fake" wood beams over all the seams and painting them the same color as the ceiling be a practical way to go or would that visually bring the ceiling down? With the size of the room, we need the ceiling to appear higher if possible. In the kitchen area the height seems fine but in the 28 foot long area, it just feels like it needs more height.

I have been reading your forum for hours on end and want to thank you for this wonderful resource. I will gratefully wait for your advice.
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I would think that you could just put new sheet rock over the old, going in the opposite direction, you would need about 18 4X8 sheets if its 20x 28. but Im no expert, Lets see what the Awesome one has to say about it, he will know. RH
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Hello and welcome aboard. The board will need to be hung with the same orientation as what's there so it will running across the joist. First thing would be to make sure all of the existing sheets are tightly fastened. If there's give when you apply slight pressure, you need to use some more screws and screw the sheets up tight. If you use plenty of glue between the layers I can give you a near perfect ceiling, compable to plaster. If you take a look at the big box stores that have faux beans to create the sort of look you're wanting. What part of the show-me are you from? I'm in up north between Columbia & Kirksville, but we do travel some.
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first of what type of texture do you have on your ceiling to begin with?

If you have Popcorn you in Good shpe in a way>>>>

what you could do is get yourself a 2-3 gallon Pump sprayer "Bug Sprayer"

Adjust the nozzle so you get a wide spray pattern and wet WET the entire ceiling..

Wait 15 minutes

Do it again........

then Get yourself a 8 or 10" drywall knife, round the edges really good and Carefully Scrape off the Popcorn...

room that size should take about 2 hr's less 1 person

just be careful not to go tooo deep then after scraping it off , touch up all the area's that need to be touched up. keep in mind you may have to rescrew certain area's.

Prime with Kilz and Paint


I dont think the ceiling would look right being boxed out "Corougated" with such a low ceiling

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