Drywalling Ceiling


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Drywalling Ceiling

I am finishing my basement. My joists are 24 on center. is is better to hang the drywall perpendicular or parrallel to the joists. What is the best way to do this.
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Depending on your headroom, you might want to consider first attaching 1x3 strapping perpendicular to your joists so you can get 16 inches on center. This can also help you work around existing pipes or wires that go slightly below the joists as well as fix any high or low points using shims. Even my relatively new house had three joists that were more than a half inch higher or lower than the ones around them. If you don't fix this, you'll either end up with a wavy ceiling or screws pulling through the paper and possible future sagging.

But to answer your question, you want to hang drywall perpendicular to the joists. It's worth the $30 or so to rent a drywall jack from Home Depot or other places. Makes a shoulder killing task much easier. Even better than jury-rigging 2x4's to prop up the sheets while you try to attach them.

Before you hang the sheetrock, make sure you're not enclosing any electrical boxes, and that you know where plumbing clean-outs are located in case you need access in the future. If you can, keep access to those with either access panels or some way. With my basement, all my plumbing was along one wall. I built a soffit down around it, and made the bottom of the soffit accessable with nice trim and panels that lift out. Not as easy as a drop ceiling, but it looks far better.

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Good advice Sean, welcome to the forums.

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