Costs to Re-texture Drywall


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Question Costs to Re-texture Drywall

I've recently purchased on older home that has heavy pull down texture on all walls. I'd like to modernize by having the walls re-textured to a more orange peel look.

What is a reasonable cost for re-texturing? I'm going to get bids, but I dont have any idea what would be reasonable and dont want to get ripped off.

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is there a awy you can take a picture of the room so we can see Exactly what needs to be done.

'cause it pretty muchs depends on How much work is involved in removing the Existing
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Also depends on what part of the world you're in too. Prices vary quite alot across the country and can vary within the region depending if you're in a metro area or not. I know the guys in StL & KC get alot more than I can charge out here in the sticks of MO. Also orangepeel is a haevier texture than knock-down, which is what I'm assuming you've got. You might want to think about sanding down the existing texture yourself it'll save you quite a bit on the labor.
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well that's very true.

Also depends on the House $$$$$ believe it or not some people pull up to a very nice house and say to themselves :::::

Oh these people can Afford it>>>>> Look at there House.......

this just happened to my sister who lives up north.

Person came by gave a very high estimate... and then NOT knowing... told a friend about what he was charging because of the Niceness of my sisters house...

BUT loll and behold the guy he told was a good friend of mine and he called me.. LMAO

soo there out there just get a Cpl estimates First before committing

Are you referring to a ceiling that resembles this on..... but Heavier?

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