Sheetrock and Asbestos Question


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Sheetrock and Asbestos Question

Hey all, this is my first forray into the Walls & Ceilings category.

My house is an "older" house built in the late 50's and early 60's. In fact the department of assessments and taxation in my state doesn't even have a build date on it. Nothing but NOTHING was built to any kind of code as I have come to find My questions is this.

I want to tear out the old paneling / drywall / tounge and groove board, insulate the walls and ceilings and hang new sheetrock. Would any old sheetrock / drywall of this era contain asbestos? If so, is there an easy way to tell, or would I have to use a lab?

Have had fun reading the other posts Thanks for any answers guys!

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Yes there is a possibility.
Asebestos was mfg. specific and if you can find an "end tag" and then review the evolution of the law suits for information.
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There's a potential for asbestos in the insulation used during that period and most probably would be found in any texture finishes on the existing walls & ceilings. You can find testing centers which will analyze sample material for around $20-$25. If you're going to do this yourself do your homework first. The most important thing is to always wear a respirator mask, the hazard comes from inhaling the fibers and the danger is very real. Misting down the material helps keep it from becoming airborne and any material removed must be doubled bagged for removal.

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