repair wall


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repair wall

I need help with fixing a hole in my wall where an old woodstove used to be. The problem is I don't know how to fix it, because we still use the chimmley, but the new woodstove is in the basement now. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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it would help if you could Give us some more information!!

Size opening PICTURE would help Alot!!!!!!!

depening on the size you can get yourself some metal studs and screw them across the opening.

after you Square up the opening first

put one stud at the top portion of the opening leaving 1/2 of it exposed so you can screw the new board to it...

if the opening is rather large just place Meatl studs across the middle sections and screw it to the existing opening first

then cut new board to fit screw it off.

Just when cutting the metal studs with "Snip's" allow an X-tra foot's Lenght on either side so that it will be good and secure.
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Does the hole in the wall go into a brick chimney? If so use some bricks and concrete mortar to fill the hole. Keep the bricks recessed about a half inch from the finished plaster. After the mortar has set and cured a couple days plaster it with gypsum plaster. There are plenty of posts here that tell you how to do that.

Now if the hole is through a plaster wall and there is a steel flue pipe going up behind it then just plaster the hole. If there is nothing to hold the plaster you may have to break off enough more plaster to tie in some lath.

If this is a frame structure is there enough clearance between the flue and the wood? Make sure you are safe.

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