3M Drywall Corner Bead 61 Glue


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3M Drywall Corner Bead 61 Glue

More a note vs. a question, but I just built a wall and closet and decided to use the spray glue for the inside and outside corners instead of holding the corners using mud. This really didn't work out well at all. For the inside corners I decided to use the premade corners instead of tape and this didn't work well either. As a matter of fact, I used fiberglass tape instead of paper tape, and this didn't work well either!

Sometimes the older ways are better. As for the glue, it didn't hold along the whole length regardless of being applied thick or thin. When the mud was applied, the paper swelled up and bubbled under the mud. I ended up cutting much of the tape away on most corners and having to reapply new mud to cover up the scars.

I used the premade corners because I thought it would give me cleaner inside corners versus using tape and relying on my hand, but that didn't pan out.

Corner tools don't work unless you're a pro. And speaking of which, any suggestions on how to make my inside corners "sharper" during the sanding phase?

Thanks for all the help and advice everyone!!
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just a note

I have used 3m glue many many times on the plastic corner beads etc...

never had an issue..

When applying the 3m contact gluene treat it like "It's a contact glue"

that means you spray the stick of bead Then you spray the area where applying it to wait a minute then Apply.

and make sure that you have it in the right position cause if you dont

it bonds SO Strong that if you try to remove it it will tear ALL the paper from behind it too.
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We use a corner sanding spnge, it's wedge shaped and fits into 90 degree corners tightly and will give you excellent results as long as you don't over sand.
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The glue is made for plastic corner bead. It works really well. I assume you tried to glue on the mud on bead. Like you found out--bad idea. I never use inside corner bead. A lot more trouble than its worth.

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