Wall Woes :(


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Wall Woes :(

I am removing wall paper from an older house. Neadless to say the paper has been covering a "multitude of sins" and now I'm the one to correct them.
So far I've been able to handle things:
But in one room they put 'contact paper' on the wall. (???)
And it's not coming off. Does anyone have a solution for covering over it?
Should I sand some, and primer it and paint? Or, should I use some type of wall material to cover it. What about a sledgehammer and start again with sheetrock?
Any advice? My son is not too happy about moving into a room that is covered in (very tacky) flowers.
Thank You,
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Have you tried using a paper tiger and some DIF, that might work, works well with wallpaper, but never tried it on contact paper. Of course I never seen anyone use contact paper on a wall either, that has to be tacky looking.

Other option would be to use 1/4" drywall and overlay the existing walls, you can get box extensions to bring the elec boxes out flush with the drywall, but you will have to recut baseboards and other trim. Does save alot of mess from demoing the existing walls and starting over, of course if you tear it out you can update wiring, insulation, plumbing, etc.
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First of all, I would discourage anyone from using a sledgehammer to bust up walls - especially if you have plaster walls throughout the house. Bang one wall and you might find a cracked wall 2 rooms over. Leave the sledgehammers and Karate kicks to those remodeling shows. You know the ones... where everyone is happy as can be and the girls are all pretty, well dressed and perfectly coifed.

Anyway, if you can't get the walls clean and flat I would agree with Awesomedell's suggestion about covering the walls with " drywall. But that's the easy part. As ASD mentioned, you need to fit extentions for the electrical boxes (easy) and then contend with the baseboards, door and window casings. However, you could always butt the drywall up against the trim - but that would give you less trim exposure. Say from " down to ". If you can live with those proportions, then that'd probably be the easiest way to go. The toughest part of doing that is getting a clean crisp edge where the drywall meets the trim.

Then the other option (as ASD points out) is gutting the room. If the walls are plaster, it can be a very messy job. For what it's worth, whenever I remodel a room, I almost always end up gutting the walls and ceiling. This definitely takes the longest time and is the most laborious way, but I believe it's the best. As mentioned, upgrading electrical such as adding outlets and additional lighting, adding insulation and anything else you want to do is a breeze. But few things that are worthwhile come easy.

This kinda' makes you think that continued sanding may not be such a bad idea, eh?

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Smile Thank you

I think I will take the route of sanding and them trying to cover the walls with a few good layers of a primer/sealer, and then the wall paint. I hope it will cover.

I don't like to do things 1/2 way, but in this case - it may end up being the best way. And it may even be helpful in the future to act as a barrier to that "backer board" material.

Thank you for the help.

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