Drywall Patch Question - Sagging ?


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Drywall Patch Question - Sagging ?

I am putting in a patch that is 18.5" wide and 46" tall. I needed to cut a section of drywall out to run some wire to a switch. I cut the whole large enough that I could put the patch in with studs on either side to screw too (one side is a door jam w/molding removed.)

I cut the new peice to fit into the whole, here is where I am running into trouble...The patch peice fits in the whole and is flush with the original drywall on one side (long side opposite door jam.) The new peice is also flush with the original across the top near the studs, it is however NOT flush in the middle.

Problem is the original drywall almost appears as though it is saggin in the middle causing it to be uneven with the new peice. If I put pressure on the patch I can force it flush, however this isnt going to stay...

Any suggestions?
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Now that you know which parts are high, which parts are low, take the patch out and shim behind the drywall until it's even. You might have to pop the nails loose from the piece in the middle that's too far back and shim it out.
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Thanks for the suggestion. What would I attach the shims too? The section that is "sagging" is between two studs. The existing wall is fine at the studs its between them that I am having the problem.

What if I placed a section of 2x4 between the studs to push the original wall out (and give me something to attach the new section to (to pull it in some?)

I wonder if that would work...
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What if I placed a section of 2x4 between the studs to push the original wall out (and give me something to attach the new section to (to pull it in some?)
Yes that will work. Put the 2"x in place and hold it firmly while you run some screws thru the existing drywall into the board. Then without applying too much pressure, run screws thru the patch piece into the board. This should pull everything pretty close to flush and from there you'll have to float it out with mud. Hope that helps a bit.
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Well I used some shims to pull the original drywall out some. While it didnt pull it flush, it did pull it very very close. So today I will be putting some mud down...Thanks for the sugestions!

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