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corner bead

I am in the process of hanging drywall in my home...what type of corner bead is preffered by the pros? I went to th HD and saw corner bead tape with a metal backing, the long plastic type and regular tape...which to choose?

Also regarding the tape, i saw a tan tape with preforation in them and the regular white tape...which is better?

From what i understand the mesh tape should only be used with hot mud, correct?

BTW, hanging 1/2 rock with 1-1/4" coarse thread screws is sufficient right? 1-5/8" is too long.

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I really like the vinyl bead. The way you put it on is spray the corner bead adhesive on the bead and the wall. stick on your bead. Put a nail or staple every foot and a half. Then put mesh tape over the bead. Sounds like a lot but is faster than nailing it on. Stay away from the paper tape with holes in it. Stick with regular tape. Put it on with all purpose mud. The reason they suggest putting mesh tape on with quick set is because the adhesive on mesh isn't sufficient to hold the tape on. Basically as long as it is bedded with at least all purpose you are fine. 1 1/4 screws are good for 1/2 and 5/8 inch rock.
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i should use the mesh tape over the vinyl corner bead even though i am going to use the premixed joint compound?
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to answer your last question - Yes.

I've been running paper faced metal bead for a couple of yrs now and love it. We run it thru a hopper and then use a roller to embed it. I've used the vinyl as well, but have had call backs with the adhesive releasing and the corner cracking, not problems with the paper faced bead. Been using it for 2 yrs now, several whole house jobs and a bunch of remodel job, no call-backs for repairs. Now that's worth cheering about!

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