Question about painting over paneling


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Question about painting over paneling

Just moved into a home that was built in '64. It has a LOT of paneling (thank you, 1970's). I've heard that you can paint over paneling (and it in fact actually makes a good wall to paint over), but you obviously have to fill in the vertical grooves. Anybody done this and have any advice on what to fill them with, etc?
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there's a couple of way of doing it
1. mix some drywall compound with some water like a liquid paste and skin the wall and used a thick pile rooler and applied it. let it dry. that will hide the groves
2. used kilz primer and prime the wall. Kilz can be tinted to the color you want
3. simply paint over it and will show groves


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If you'd like to get rid of the grooves in the paneling without using joint compound here's another option. There is a wallpaper liner, much thicker than ordinary wallpaper, that you can adhere to the paneling. It's just like applying wallpaper, except it goes on horizontally. The edges butt together very nicely and after it's primed and painted you don't even know that the liner's been applied. Something to think about. Enjoy.

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I've seen both techniques. Both good.

I like the special wallpaper cause it is alot less work and looks just as good 3 years later. A woman applied the wallpaper, so I guess it was easy to do. lol. Sorry, no offense intended.
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I'll look into those techniques- thank you all!!

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