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Pre taped corners/firestops ins interior walls

Pre taped corners/firestops ins interior walls


Old 03-26-05, 04:31 PM
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Pre taped corners/firestops ins interior walls

Hi all - I'm in the process (yet again) of a tear out/remodel. When purchasing metal corners - I see that they have what appears to be pre taped corners (inside & out). I bought a few home just to try them out. My handyman (who does the finishing) has never used them before.

1) Anyone have experience with them? Better or easier then the old metal corners?
AdditionallyI've ripped walls and found there are no fire stops. I'll be insulating but have noticed a lot of draft in the walls - I can see now why I'd want something to slow/stop the draft in event of fire.

2) Can I simply fasten 16 inch 2x4's between the studs? If so, should they be at random heights within the walls?

2nd floor is already done - I'm doing first floor now - it wasn't evident on 2nd floor as the wood flooring goes wall to wall in most areas.
Bathroom is off kitchen (worse place for them in my opinion). Lots of air movement in wall between 2 rooms, especially noticeable in extreme cold weather) Plenty of heat in both rooms.

I'm planning on using unfaced insulation to cut down on draft and noise.

3) Is this the right move?
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Old 03-26-05, 10:54 PM
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I think what you're talking about is paper faced bead. This is a premade metal corner with the paper tape already laminated to it. We use this type of corner now exclusively. There's a set of tools (hopper & corner roller) available for a couple hundred bucks that makes them a snap to install, but they can be done by hand,

First thing the board needs to be properly hung in order for this bead to work right. The butt end of the sheet should come to just flush with back edge of the drywall on the opposite side of the corner. Also it's important that the top & bottom sheets on each side are pretty even.

I suggest using quick set mud to embed them with. We generally use Easy Sand 90 min for this. Mix up the mud as usual, apply about a 3" wide coat of mud to each side of the corner, place the bead on the corner and press firmly into place. Use like a 3" or 4" drywall knife and you really have to press hard to press out all but a thin coat of mud under the corner bead. Wipe all excess mud off the wall and allow to set completely, this is where the quick set speeds up the process. From this point the corners are finished as usual with 2 more coats of mud (I'd use light compound for this) using successive wider knives.

I'd answer yes to all parts of question 2 & 3. Hope that helps.
Old 03-27-05, 10:10 AM
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Thanks and for a change....

I asked the questions BEFORE I started! (I may be learning...)

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