Want to cover ugly ceiling


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Want to cover ugly ceiling

I have ugly ceiling tiles on my ceilings. I've got a room I have to get done so I was going to see what I could do to cover it. Gyproc, although the best option, isn't an option right now. I know just smearing plaster on the ceiling will result in cracks and a big mess I won't be happy with. I was wondering if maybe taping or latex caulking the cracks between the tiles,then puting plaster on and texturing may have better results. Has anyone tried this? Would it be a big waste of time? As fun as experimenting is,the ceiling is one place I'd rather not have to conquer again, at least until I gyproc.
I appologize in advance if this is a repost. I did a lot of reading on here but nothing seemed to answer my question. My luck I missed a whole thread on plastering tiles.
Thanks in advance for any bit of info that could be offered.
Take care
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Is this tile in a suspended grid or is it cellulose tiles that are tight fitted and stapled, these are usually 12"x12" and are generally attached with glue or staples or both to a gridwork of 1" material that's attached with nails or screws to an older plaster ceiling. The other suspended studd has a track work with wires going up to the original ceiling ot in commercial bldgs to the steel structual framing.

If you've got the 12" tiles and the ceiling is very clean, you could spray a coat of primer on it & then shoot a light texture over that. I've done it a couple of times for a sort of slumlord client I have. He's got several old houses, we've sprayed light texture over paneling, stripped wallpaper, you name it. It looks good when we finish I guess, makes him happy, keeps calling us back.

Good luck!
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Was wondering if anyone was going to answer!
They're the 12" flush tiles. Ugly but clean.
Does the spray actually cover the tiles or just clean them up? With shifting does it end up cracking? I know questions, questions lol. Guess I can't ask for much for what I'm trying to do. It's just that all the lines feel like the ceiling is weighing down on me giving me a claustrophobic feeling. We've got tiles all through our house and every room seems to have a different kind. They must have bought clearance when they did it. Limit stock. But why veer from that theme that flows through our handyman special. Ceiling tiles and paneling. Just lovely I tell ya! lol
Anyway thanks a lot for your suggestion. It does seem the best and most logical option aside from gyproc. I may not be able to get rid of the lines but if I soften them up it may make a big difference.
Have a good one!
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I have seen plaster over cellulose; not tile but larger sheets--4' X something. I don't know if I would reccommend this but it is intriguing. Nail the tile with roofing nails and plaster it with light weight plaster like StructoLite. If it will hold in place while the plaster sets and dries it should stay. There ought to be enough holes and texture in the tile to get some mechanical bond. Keep the plaster as tight as you can and still get it straight and flat. Maybe find an old tile laying around and try it and see if it holds its shape until the plaster sets and dries. I just think it might work.
Or it might crack on every joint.
If you try something like this please tell us how it works.

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