tearing out wall


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need advice on tearing out wall

I have a 3 story solid brick house built in late 1800's.....the kitchen is a later addition (probably 1910) added to the back....the addition is wood siding.......the door opening between the brick and the addition is 36".....i want to have the brick wall openend up at least 3 more feet to make a 6' opening between the kitchen and dining room......i have had a couple of contractors look at it and have different opinions about how to support the opening and how far the wall can be opened up safely......any advice appreciated....meme
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Solid brick or brick veneer

I would bet/hope that there is some steel framing above the existing door frame.

In order to increase the opening width, a wider steel frame will need to replace the existing one. The kitchen is a 1-story addition with a gable roof, is that correct? How much space is accessible in the kitchen attic to get to the brick wall above the proposed new opening?
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IBM......no, the kitchen is part of a 3 story addition on the back of the house......below the kitchen is a bedroom with 12 ft ceilings, and above the kitchen is a sunroom with 12' ceilings, the kitchen as well has 12 foot ceilings.....the existing door opening into the kitchen is 7' tall....i just want to open it up to 8' tall and a few feet wider.....there is plenty of room above the door to work.......i do see a steel plate above the door opening now.....would a larger steel plate be all that is needed to support the opening?? meme
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Something like that but you should get a structural engineer to determine what's needed. Mosl likely that steel plate is in fact a inverted "T" with the verticle leg extending up into the wall. You will not only need a longer one, but maybe a "bigger" one.

The method of cutting the new opening and installing the new support will require some temporary supports to be installed.

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