Help with Walls on New House !?!?


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Help with Walls on New House !?!?

Hi- This is my first post here so everyone please be patient.

My wife and I just bought our first house. It is a cape built in 1973. I have two questions regarding the walls:

1. The upstairs bedrooms have visibly poor tape jobs. What I mean by this is that it is plainly obvious where each sheet of sheetrock begins and the next one ends. To that end, I don't know whether the best fix is to have someone re-tape or if the whole room needs to be re-sheetrocked. There is also one corner of the upstairs bedroom where walls meet cieling that has a small crack that I would like repaired. Not sure of the dimensions but can anyone give me an estimate as to what is proper pricing (psf)/work breakdown for western massachusetts (rural)??? Also, when measuring a cost psf, is it done by square footage of the room or of square footage of the wall??? Sorry if this is a rookie question.

2. The other issue is an exposed brick wall on the main floor that both my wife and I hate. Our thought is to sheetrock over it. That said, the cieling is textured, so if we do this, how do we marry the new sheetrock up to the married cieling so we don't have obvious signs of a rehab here?


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Sounds like a bad finishing job. If the tape is secure and has no bubbles in it, it should be fine. Just needs one or more coats of mud applied until it looks good. The small crack at the ceiling would probably best [easiest] be fixed with caulking. To hang over the brick wall and meet the ceiling you have 3 options.
scrape the texture and tape wall to ceiling, then try to match up the texture.
flat tape the top and caulk the angle
use crown moulding or some other trim to bridge the gap
hope this helps

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Hey, I'm a new home-owner in western MA, too, and a newbie to the forum. We have similar probs with visible taping, etc. But, we redid one of the rooms, and left some visible taping of our own, so I can't be too harsh:-) I think this first reply hits it on the head. Would it work to resand, add new mud, resand again, and then repaint? I think that's what I'd do.


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