shim behind drywall?


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shim behind drywall?

I have a new 14' x 14' addition that I am hanging drywall in. The bottom 12 inches of each wall is concrete block. The remaining upper 8 feet is standard 2x6 stud walls. I thought the framing was flush enough with the blocks that I could I glue my drywall to the bottom 12 inches and screw it to the studs like normal. What I found is... the blocks stick out into the room about 1/8 inch. This is enough to cause trouble. When I screw the drywall to the walls, the slight overhang of the blocks causes the drywall to pop off the bottom of the wall significantly (1 inch).

I am looking for suggestions to remedy the problem. When the wall is finished, I don't want to notice any bumps or differences between the bottom foot and the upper 8 feet. I can think of a couple of ideas:
1) shim the walls by putting something 1/8 thick on the studs to make it flush (any suggestions on what I could use?)
2) cut the drywall, use a seperate pieces of drywall for the upper wall and block portions. This will keep the drywall flat. Then use tape and mud to disguise the bump where it transitions from the block wall to the stud wall.

Thanks for the help!!!

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I'd probably cut some 1 1/2" wide strips of 7/32" mahogany underlayment and staple them to the studs. This would build the upper part out enough so that it won't hit the blocks at all, and your glue can work its magic.

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