Poor drywall finishing


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Poor drywall finishing

Help! We just finished painting our "new bedroom" walls and ceiling after removing 100 years of plaster and lath and putting up sheetrock. Unfortunately every seam shows...poor finishing of the joints on the sheetrock...we're not professionals.
We have primed with a sheetrock primer and painted and both the walls and ceiling show every seem in the light of day. Some are concave - sanded to much - with edges showing, some are humps - not enough sanding - with edges showing and some of the nail head patches were not sanded enough and have edges showing...
Do we need to pull all the sheetrock down and start again?
Is there a better remedy?
Can or should a professional help us?
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I wouldn't start over, that would be too much work. More mud and sanding should get it accecptable looking. A pro could do it easier but most likely not cheap. Most pros will charge more to straighten up a job because of all the aggravation involved. It would have been easier to stop and fix it instead of going full steam ahead. But we learn by making mistakes. Fixing the low spots is easiest, just apply more mud, sand, etc until it looks right. The high spots will be a little harder. Hopefully you can sand or scrape them down, then re mud. It won't be an easy fix but I'm sure you can do it. You didn't say what type of paint you used. Flat paint is a lot more forgiving than a shiney enamel is. Wish you luck.
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Good advice Mark, key to good finishing as I've said before is just coats and patience.

You should spot primer over remudded areas before doing your finish painting, again. Good luck!
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I like to run my hand over all joints I do before I put anything on it. It usually looks good, but there is nothing like actually feeling for humps. Close your eyes and run your hand over the joint if you feel it it will more than likely show up. Sand or whatever. Feeling is better than looking in my opinion. Every one does it different. This is one case where seeing is not believing, as you already know. I am sure you thought it looked good

You can also put a straight edge across the joint and see how much it rocks or is low.

As for the nail spots I usually just make a stripe rather than hit each spot. Put it on in 1 direction and take it off in the opposite direction. It is much easier to finish that way if you put on just enough and don't load it on. It just has to be even with the rock, so most of the mud falls into the nail dimple. Don't leave any on the rock There aren't so many edges this way. Usually just a brushing with the sand paper and you're done.

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