Half wall to wall


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Half wall to wall

I have a wall between my kitchen and my living room that I'd like to replace with a half wall. The wall is not weight bearing. Any advice on where I should start? Or is this best left to a professional.

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If it is not load bearing, then there is no problem. Make sure there is no electrical in the wall running up and down, and that there are no other suprises like water pipes or vent pipes. Draw a level line 2" below your desired finished wall height on both sides of the wall and cut along the line with a skilsaw, (just cut through the drywall for now.) Score the drywall tape at the corners and along the ceiling with a knife, and pull off the drywall on both sides of the wall. Then finish cutting off the studs with a reciprocating saw. Once you've removed all the framing, you'll have to cap the remaining studs with a top plate. Then you'll have drywall to patch on the ceiling (have fun matching the texture on both sides) and on the sides. You can either cap the wall with drywall and cornerbead, or trim it with a nice piece of wood 6 to 7" wide and some casing, baseshoe or something similar as an apron.

Just as a suggestion, if you made it more like a huge window opening, leaving a couple studs (3") along the side walls, and maybe 6" of wall along the ceiling, you would have WAY less drywall to patch and wouldn't have to worry so much about patching the ceiling.

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