Popcorn Texture re-shoot


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Popcorn Texture re-shoot

I have been re-shooting popcorn texture on ceilings for a few years now. Normally I scrap down the loose stuff, make any neccessary repairs to the surface, spot prime or completly prime with Zinnsser 1-2-3 if there appears to be discoloration, let dry and re-shoot the popcorn (I mix my batches with ceiling paing). Ocaisionaly I have the the ceiling begin to drop after the re-shoot. My theory is that it is because the ceiling was not primed before the original popcorn was shot.
The result is very wet mess that must be completley craped down. The seams hold the texture, but the-primed wallboard surface does not. The two areas must then be skimed to get a smooth ceiling for the reshoot. Are there any remedies that would allow me to avoid the new popcorn dropping? When I explain the potential problems to customers it is enough to nearly talk myself out of the job.
Looking for any feedback.
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I have run into this problem before also. I believe it is because the popcorn was never painted. Moisture is the cause. There was one house I did that had no vent in the bath, I scraped all the loose, made repairs and retextured. Looked good but because it was a bath, no ventilation and I always pride myself in a good job I painted the ceiling. Would you believe it the old texture started to turn loose. Wherever the ceiling is subjected to moisture [baths, open windows even fresh paint etc] there is the possiblity of it turning loose. After awhile you can sort of predict where you might have problems. I always tried to forewarn the customer that there may be problem areas and if so there would be an extra charge. They are always happy if we run into no problems and not surprised if we do. Occasionly you will miss and have to eat the extra work but that is the price of keeping a good reputation.

I know this doesn't give you a solution to your problem [don't know if there is one] but at least you know you are not alone with this problem. I've never been fond of popcorn and prefer knockdown but with prices the way they are I suspect popcorn will be around for a long time.
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Thanks for the input

I have also added the "worst case scenario" to my sales presentation. I have been quoting a second price in my estimates so that if things go badly I have a price target for my extra labor and materials.
I too have grown to prefer ceilings other than popcorn. Just this week I scraped down the texture on my kitchen ceiling and have skimmed it to a nice flat surface. Popcorn is shot onto many surfaces that it just doesn't belong. I have found Popcorn texture shot basement walls, exposed beams and very low ceilings. One customer had me shoot a newly finished room and wanted the lower section covering a heat duct at the doorway. As he was standing in the entry pointing to where he wanted the texture his hair was touching the yet un-sprayed area. I was able to talk him out if it and I just shot the other areas.

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