lots of cracks in walls and ceiling


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lots of cracks in walls and ceiling

hi, i'm a new member who is completely clueless about home repair and how a house is put together -- and i need help please!

i live in southern california in a one-story home built in the early '50s. we've been in this home for about 3 years, but in the last few months i've begun to notice that what our home inspector called "hairline cracks" from the house settling are getting worse at an increasing rate. we have them in every room and the hallways, mostly eminating from the doorframes until they hit the ceiling or where the walls meet. they're not very wide, but there seem to be more and more of them every month. on the ceiling in the living room there is a really long crack that seems to be following some sort of pattern that resembles steps (basically, a line, a 90-degree turn, another line, another 90-degree turn, etc. etc.).

i am concerned that something is wrong with the house structurally (i.e., is the whole house shifting on its foundation, causing the cracks??), especially since we live in an earthquake-prone area. however, i could be totally wrong and they're just cracks in the drywall. in any case, if i could get any advice i would truly appreciate it!

thank you in advance,
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yucaree, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Most of our experts work during the day so it may be a while before one of them gets into the Forums to answer your questions. Please don't lose faith, they will be answered. Check back on your post often as we have many experts with different ideas and you will get answers. Good luck.
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thank you majakdragon! i am looking forward to getting advice from professionals! i appreciate it so much.

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