Building a ceiling dome


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Building a ceiling dome

My wife wanted me to put a ceiling dome in the baby room so we could hang a chandelier from our 8ft ceilings. I couldn't believe the price of the pre-fab domes (up to $1k on some websites) and couldn't find any instructions for building one from scratch so I went ahead and built one using about $50 worth of stuff from Home Depot. I did a little write up about it and though someone here might get a kick out of it.
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I read the entire article. It is well written and illustrated. You could have used lightweight plaster like StructoLite or Gypsolite for the basecoat and a smooth plaster finish and had a faster result with only a little more weight. Maybe twice the weight which you could probably have managed structurally and physically.

Have you thought about mass production?
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In retrospect, as you point out, the selection of plaster makes all the difference. The foam base was very easy and fast to shape (and not nearly as messy as plaster) so I'd probably keep that step (although it's the most expensive part at about $25). If the plaster coat could have been applied in one or two passes by using something slower drying than plaster of paris then things would have gone pretty quickly from start to finish. I'm a bit of a weekend warrior when it comes to home improvement stuff (I write software for a living) so I'm not that familiar with all the various types of plaster. Of course now that the first one is done I think the second would go really fast... but then who needs two domes in their house?

Originally Posted by tightcoat
Have you thought about mass production?
It's more like I wake up in a cold sweat dreaming about having to make another dome (just kidding, it's actually not bad). Actually, part of the point of the writeup is so that anyone can make their own dome and I can just sit back and offer (probably useless) free advice.

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