New Popcorn Ceiling Bubbling


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New Popcorn Ceiling Bubbling

We had a contractor redo a popcorn ceiling yesterday, in a small bedroom about 10 by 11.

The job was completed in about 3 1/2 hours. The ceiling had rough spots, and the contractor said there appeared to be no recent water damage, a fact comfirmed by the person renting the place during the last year. The contractor said he could repair the old spots easily.

He patched, used Durabond, drywall mud and primer.

Today I went over, and there were several spots billowing out from the ceiling (bubbles if you will.)

The contractor said it must have rained last night and the ceiling leaked. He did peel off the bubbled popcorn, and felt under it. I did the same after he left, and the board under it seemed coated with a dry flour like substance, for lack of a more technical description. The board under the bubbled spots was totally dry.

Just after the contractor left, we got a very heavy pelting rain (in the Tampa FL area - hurricane rain) for about an hour. The ceiling did not get wet at all. I think if the ceiling were leaking, it would have gotten wet during this time.

Is it possible that doing the whole project in 3 and half hours yesterday, didn't allow the patched spots to dry? Any other ideas?

Thanks for anyone's help. I appreciate it.
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Sounds like he applied popcorn before patches were dry. As patches emitted moisture during the drying process, it spalled off the popcorn.
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More likely the ceiling was dusty. no texture will stick to a dusty ceiling.

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