Greenboard over drwall or gut it?


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Greenboard over drwall or gut it?

I'm remodelling an existing room into a bathroom and bedroom. 2 out of 4 walls of the bathroom are new framing, while the third is wood panelling and the third is drywall. I have green drywall for all walls, my question is this: Can I just put it over the existing drywall and wood panelling, or do I need to remove the old?

Rough inspection for electrical and plumbing is not a concern since all the electrical and plumbing is coming from the crawl space below either through the floor or through the newly framed walls. (or in the case of the exhaust fan and light, the ceiling which is also new framing)
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I would remove it while you have the chance. Especially if the old drywall is not greenboard. Why take the chance of mold growing underneath your new walls if you leave the old material. Start will not regret it!
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I would rip it all out too. Would be easier to update electrical etc... But if you don't want to then you can go right over whats there. Or you can fix it. Green board is a waste of money(imo) A good paint job will do the same thing.
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Green board is an absolute waste - either overkill for regular walls or disaster for wet areas like the shower. I've heard that it's even being removed from codes in the very near future.

Like coops said - use drywall with a good paint (I like Perma-white) unless it's a shower. If you're doing a shower, that's a whole 'nuther discussion.

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