How to repair drywall ceiling?


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How to repair drywall ceiling?

It finally happened. I stepped through the attic drywall and now there is a hole in the kitchen ceiling. The house is only 1.5 years old. What is the best way to repair this. The dry wall is still there just pushed out of place and hanging. How do I get it to adhere back into place? Any help will be appreciated.
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if the drywall is not puncture and it just push out
jus do from the kitchen side and used 1 5/8 drywall screws and reset it
i place usually 2 scews about 2 inches apart to make sure it secures it good and prevent the drywall to pop out from the screw head
just make sure you dont over do it and sink the screws to deep just enough to make a small indent in the paper then used compound over the screws and wait till dry sand and [paint
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The drywall is not just pushed out. It is broken through and kinda hinged and hanging there. I think all the pieces could be pushed back into place but wonder how to get them to stay in place.
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Cut the broken area out and patch it. Using wood strips (I usually use a scrap piece of plywood about 2" in width) secure it to the back of the drywall using drywall screws. This will give you something to fasten your patch to... cut a piece of drywall to fit your opening and fasten it to the wood strip. You should cut your hole into a square or rectangle to make it easier to patch. Tape the seams, mud, sand, paint.
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Go here for description and photos:

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