which first? walls or floor?


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Red face which first? walls or floor?


I'm working on the dining room walls and floor. The walls need to be painted and will have trim and baseboards. The wood floor is going to be refinished.

Which task should I do first and why?

I've heard to do the floors first because the paint on the wall could get ruined by the sanding and what-not. Others say to paint the walls first so nothing scuffs up the finish on the floor. HELP!


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There are reasons, obviously for doing one first and then the other, as you mentioned.....

Personally... I like doing walls first. Paint has a tendancy to fall downwards.... messing up floors.

However, in your situation..... with contractors sanding/bumping things/ kocking into the new walls.... I'd probably do my walls last.... It's easier to cover the edges of the new floor with protective coverings (to avoid those paint spatters) than it will be to protect your new wall paint and baseboards from runaway sanding machines...... and contractors who want to give you a beautiful floor - but care nothing of your walls...
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I prefer to do all the painting first and then touch up after the floors are done. Since it is a small job I would see and when I could get the floor finisher in. If it is easier to get him early, do the floors first if it will be a while befor he can get there, then paint first.
Both ways have there pros and cons. Sanding will get dust on the walls and there is likely to be some spots that need paint touch up. When floors are finished they will need protecting until all other work is done.
Either way I'm sure you'll wind up with a nice looking room

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