wall repair after termite treatment


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Question wall repair after termite treatment

What do I do to repair a wall that had cracked in some places due to termites.
Termite problem has been treated. Now I want to scrape the cracked paint and repaint the wall.

Should I sand down the termite tracks first or joint compound over them?

After that, should I use some kind of sealer or primer before repainting the wall ?
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This is interesting..... I've never heard of termites cracking a wall.... What are we talking about here - paneling - drywall - plaster?

I'm familiar with termite "tunnels" which consist of a glue made of cellulose (chewed wood) and termite spit (for lack of a better term). If that's on your walls - sand it down to the bare wood/drywall/plaster. If you end up with indentations in your finished surface (again, what is it?), you'll want to fill those before you paint. Joint compound will certainly work. If the cracks are big enough, you will probably want to tape the joints before mudding them. A good sealer primer is always a good idea before painting. It allows a more even coat on your finished surface

Of more concern is......... did the termites damage the underlying studs? Are you structurally sound? Without pulling down some walls, it's pretty difficult to determine that. Your call!
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Red face termite wall repair

thanks for the response., The wall is plaster and there are tracks on it under the peeling paint where the termites once were.
I'll take your advice and sand down the surface after I remove as much chipped paint as possible, then apply the joint compound and sand it.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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