Drywall outline


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Drywall outline

I have a couple of areas on a stairway wall where the outline of an entire piece of 4X8 drywall is visible. What causes this and how do I repair? I expect it is caused by poor taping and finishing, but I do not know how to go about repairing the areas. Do I simply apply joint compound and sand it to smooth it out? I hope I do not have to tear out the drywall, though I will if that is the proper fix. Thanks.
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Sounds as if it wasn't smoothed out properly... Hopefully there is tape in place. If the outline is cracked, you can assume tape wasn't used. If there is a " indented line" on the outline, you might also assume no tape was used as mud tends to shrink into cracks when applied, unless tape was used. However, from the tone of your question... I assume (hate that word) that tape was used and a second/third coat of mud wasn't properly applied.

If the wall is smooth - you can simply apply a second/third coat of compound to the outline... use a wide blade and minimize the "passes" over the joints (don't overwork it). Feather it out to the edges and let dry. I like to "sand" with a very wet sponge rather than sandpaper... works very well without the dust. Once dry... apply a finish coat (very thin), again feathering out to the edges. Sand lightly - and repaint.

Removing the drywall shouldn't be necessary.... sounds like a relatively simple "smoothing job" is in order.
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Refinish as described above. It make take a few coats of paint to make a properly finished repair disappear.

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