drywall tape - paper vs. fiberglass


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drywall tape - paper vs. fiberglass

On new drywall installations, I know the traditional way to go is to use the paper tape. But wouldn't it be easier to use the fiberglass tape instead? The fact that it's self-adhering is a huge plus.

I know it's not as strong as paper, but if a joint is properly fastened, it ain't goin' anywhere. Conversely, if a joint is poorly fastened, both the paper and fiberglass tape would fail.

Not sure of the cost difference, but all things being equal...what do you think?
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Call me old fashioned.. I still use paper - though I've used the fiberglass for cbu joints........

It's six of one, half dozen of the other...... I find paper just as quick and easier to work with.... fiberglass doesn't fold worth a darn when doing corners..... I need scissors to cut it instead of just tearing it.....

Whatever works for you is the absolute best way to go.....
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I believe paper tape is better. It is a must for corners. I don't believe it is any cheaper - a roll of sticky tape cost more than paper tape. IMO the only advantage to fiberglass tape is for someone with limitted experience it is easier to use.
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The first time I gutted a room, drywalled and taped, I thought the fiberglass tape was the best choice ... but I'll be damned if I could get that stuff to look good in a corner. I tried paper tape and never looked back. I found the paper tape much easier to work with.
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If you use fiberglass tape you put the mud on after you put the tape on. If you use paper tape you put the mud on before you put the tape on.Whichever way you go to need paper for the corners.

I believe fiberglass has its uses,like in repair work, but I really see no real advantage to using it for installations. You still have to put the mud on- -before or after.

Try doing it like the pro's do it. Put the mud on a lot of joints first then apply the tape. Don't do 1 at a time. No pro worth his salt would not mix the mud up thoroughly before taping either. A creamy consistency makes life a lot easier.

A lot of newbies also try to remove most of the mud under the tape. This creates wrinkles and inadequate adhesion resulting in probs
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For those of you that have been doing this a few years my question is this.
a freind that got me into this through a friend of his who HAS been doing this years tell me that no-one really uses paper tape anymore? from what i have read it seems that no-one really uses scrim, too cumbersome maybe?
I am starting to think my friend really does not know what he is talking about and is just trying to impress me with his knowledge or lack of.

I would like to really get this thing off the ground and am pulling all the stops with the work we are getting and am enjoying it greatly, probably the fact that its the first time i have worked for myself and the 2 people i know who do this made 100,000+ in a year so its a massive insentive to go all out hammer and tongs..
I'm just waiting to get some nice straight runs and not ceilings (poxy), someone i know has just picked up a massive job detailing about 50,000 sqm to be jointed.

Can anyone give some advice on materials or methods? i have browsed the British Gypsom website and have found a lot of information, but more from pro's would help.
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Since you have to finish what you do by hand no matter what tape you use I would suggest getting one of these. I can't imagine do any heavy duty taping without it. There are some movies on the site. It don't get much easier or quicker imo.
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One more opinion

  1. Paper on inside corners
  2. Fiberglass on joints
  3. Paper corner bead on outside corners

That way I get to buy everything!

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