Ceiling rock problem


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Ceiling rock problem

Just bought our first home and I was in the attic yesterday poking around. Anyhow, I noticed some areas where the rafters and ceiling sheetrock do not touch. This is a 50+ year old home and nails were used to secure the rock to the rafters.

We plan on painting each room and I was thinking that I could run a few sheetrock screws into these areas, do a little finish work and paint.

Do you think this will work well? Anything I should be aware of? 2 of the rooms have rather large areas like 6'x6' that need to be brought up.

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Sounds like it might be a plan! I've never run into this before and could see a couple of problems possibly coming up.

Be aware, if you put in screws, you're going to have nails beginning to poke their little heads through the current ceiling before long. I could be wrong, but those boogers might continue to slowly push through the drywall for more than just a day or two.... I hope I'm wrong. I would guess it's going to take more than just "a few screws". 1 screw/ft/joist is the standard... Since your nails aren't doing anything yet... just figure you're doing "new work". Depending on your current finish, I don't know how easy it's going to be to find the old nails and pound them back in.... or whether or not they'll stay.

Also... the drywall, being that old, may just tend to just let your new screws pass right through rather than snug it up to the joists. That's a 50year old "bow" in the ceiling. I might prepare some sort of "lift" that will push the ceiling to the joists before screwing. (necessity being the mother of invention).

Be patient... I imagine someone with a bit of experience in this particular situation will be able to add a bit more light on the subject.
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If you are successful in drawing the ceiling up I would think that the nails would become slightly visable. Give them all a whack with a hammer [to drive them tight] and finsih the nail heads the same time you do the screw heads.

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