Paper Tape Vs, Scrim


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Paper Tape Vs, Scrim


I have been jointing for a while now but only really used scrim as i can get it cheap, I have though found that on occasion when i have used paper tape i feel more comfortable than scrim, scrim is thicker awkward to stick sometimes and can be a pain if it comes loose or shows through the sanding process,

This is the process i use,

Apply scrim, fill with Knauf bonding, 1 coat with quicksand allow to semi dry then a final coat with quicksand, rub down when dry.
I'm doing depending on the joins about 70+ sqm on a ceiling all coats in a day, including internals.

I haven't had the chance to use speed tape yet (benefits?)

Is paper tape quicker?

My bad, just found another post about the same thing..

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what the heck is scrim?????
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And I thought it was just me
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I'd say he was talking about fiberglass tape...
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Our friend may be talking about fibreglass tape. There is, however a material called scrim. It is fibreglass (I suppose it could me made of other materials as well) but it is not woven it is a tangled web. I always thought it was of less thickness than paper tape.
Are you familar with the stuff that is made my Spec Chemicals (I think) that is some sort of material painted onto walls then some stuff embedded in the wet paint and another coat of paint over that? The stuff that is embedded is scrim. I think its weakness for taping drywall would be the narrow width of the tape. If it were 4 or 6 inched wide it might be pretty strong.

But then again maybe he's talking about fibreglass tape.


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