Drywall finished products + advice


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Drywall finished products + advice

I am currently finishing my basement and have it 95% under drywall. I was looking into getting the taping done professionally but after some thought I am going to tackle the job myself.

Has anyone used the paper (with metal inlays) corner beads manufactured by USG (sold at Lowes) or the product "No-Coat" (for inside and outside corners).

I would like to get the most professional looking job I can.

Thank you,
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I've used both the inside and outside paper-faced metal corner beads from USG on my basement remodel and I highly recommend them.

The main problem I had with them though was that after I applied my first layer of mud to the wall and then placing the corner bead on or into the corner, sometimes I either pressed out too much mud or didn't get enough behind it and a bubble appeared after I put the first top coat on it. I was able to cut out the bubbles and patch the area with compound until it was level.

Only one time did I screw it up badly that I had to pull the bead off and replace it. This was due to the fact that the corner I put the bead on didn't but up nicely and there was a gap between the boards. If there is a gap, the bead does not adhere properly and it flexed when pressure was put on it. I filled it in with some mud, let it dry then placed a new bead up with no problem.

They make a roller for outside and inside corner beads that put the proper amount of pressure on the bead, leaving the proper amount of mud on the paper and wall. They also have a mud hopper which places a metered amount of mud on the bead.

If I was going to be using more bead, then I would have invested in the tools, but I managed to survive without them.


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