Plywood Wall Panels


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Plywood Wall Panels

I recently purchased a house and just noticed that most of the walls in the house are made of plywood (ugh). The paint is peeling in a lot of areas so I'm looking to do something to make it look nicer. I was told by a contractor friend to just spackle over the bad areas, sand, then repaint the entire room.

I am curious as to what my other options are (if any). I have read a bit about wall liner or paintable wallpaper as textured painting is currently a big thing. I'd like to do whatever is best for the value of the house as I'm planning living there for only 3 or 4 years. My contractor friend also told me that my wood trim and windows would have to be removed in order to replace the plywood with drywall as they are different thicknesses.

What's the best way to make the walls look nice without replacing all of the plywood?
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Your contractor is on the right track. If you wanted to go to a little more trouble, mudding the walls might give you a better looking finished project.
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Not trying to Hijack the thread...but I have a similar problem in my upstairs level.

My house was constructed in 1975...when the "Country Look" was popular.
All of my ceilings are plywood, and most of the walls in the living area are Dark Panel.
The ceilings in the kitchen and dining area are stained, and have nicely finished 1X2’s covering the seams. In the living area, the 1X2’s have been removed and the joints all taped. Then a decorative plaster was spread over the entire area including the hallways.

Well…its 2005 now…and the plaster on the ceiling is falling…the walls are too dark and I am investigating my options.

For the ceilings, I was thinking of screwing 3/8” sheetrock over the existing plywood and just tape and finish like normal.
I am kind of stumped on the walls tho…
If I replace the dark panel with sheetrock..I will have to address every piece of molding…every doorway.
My wife says we should try to paint it….but then it will look like painted paneling…to me at least. My brother told me I could spackle the grooves and paint it, but again…paneling is flimsy, and the first time someone puts any weight against it, I am afraid of a joint popping out.
Has anyone ever addressed this issue with success?
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A long, long time ago, in a state far away, I ended up texturing a stretch of paneling similar to your situation (dark/stained/ugly). I did a knockdown finish directly on top of the old paneling, then painted it with quality wall paint. It's been 6 or so years ago and I know for a fact that it's still there, in good condition - looks like a regularly textured wall (knockdown finishes being popular in the Southwest/West).

I'm not saying it's the proper way to do it.... but it worked. At worst, you're out a few bucks and hours of labor for texture mud and paint.... before you rip it out and do the spendier alternative.
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one more thing . . .

I have just read about textured paint (sandwash finish). Something similar to this: . Anyone have a recommendations on if this produces a quality finish or will i get smooth results by plastering the currently chipping areas and repainting with a flat paint?
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What you're referencing is more of a "sandpaper" finish.... and probably won't hide more than very tiny defects.

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