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I have removed the drop cel. in my childrens bedroom. Under it is the same silverbacked stuff that I am finding all over the house. Is it insulation? It is hard, but in the bathroom where a hole has been made( Four kids, i'll never know who!!) I can see that it has a backing(or inside) like dry foam. When I pulled a piece down the other side ( also silver) has the name celotex printed on it and the regular insulation is in the ceiling. What is it? Do I need to take it down? Drywall over it? Thanks in advance.
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If its what I am thinking of....its your insulation....how old is your house?
Here is a PDF file about thermalfoams..


Here is a website with its uses and different incarnations

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Thumbs up Thermax!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou so much!!
Thermax sounds like what i have.
My only question now, because I couldn't find it on the site anywhere, is
Do I drywall over it, or remove it. I believe they used it because they had drop ceilings every where. It says it's a great insulator.
Thanks again, I have been asking everyone(even at the hardware store) and nobody had a clue what i was talking about!
You are awesome!!!!!!!
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You should be able to hang drywall right over it... assuming you can find your ceiling joists to anchor the drywall to - assuming the ceiling joists are level. I'm still trying to figure out why someone installed a suspended ceiling in the first place....

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