Wallpaper straight to drywall....


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Wallpaper straight to drywall....

My wife and I moved into our new house last fall and upon removing the hideous wallpaper from the Master BR we found that it had been placed straight to the drywall. No primer, no paint.....

Does anyone have ideas on how to go about this? We have pretty much ruined it in parts by peeling down to the brown paper in the drywall. Other than skim coating or complete new drywall we heard there was a foamy type board that you can place right over it??? It is supposed to hide all the imperfections?? Has anyone heard of this or know what it is called???

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As you undoubtbly know by now, hanging wallpaper on unpainted drywall is a big mistake - almost impossible to strip. I have no idea what the 'foamy type' board is. IMO you have 2 options,

#1 remove what wallpaper you can and skim coat the wall. It might be a good idea to prime the wall first. It will both help the joint compound to stick to the remaining paper and help to seal the unfaced gypsum.

#2 hang 1/4" sheetrock over the existing wall. Drawbacks are - removal and reinstallation of trim and elec recepticles.
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What is your "end goal"? New wallpaper? Paint? Paneling?

Might have a bearing on your project.
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Thanks for the input. I guess the goal really depends on the options. We would rather paint but if we need to to do a solid color wallpaper so be it. We are just hoping to keep cost down (skim coating the entire room and drywalling the entire room). Just wasn't sure if we had any other options.

Thanks again.
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Even if you rewallpaper, the walls still need to be in good shape. Defects in the wall often show through the wallpaper

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