Low ceiling, how to protect heads?


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Question Low ceiling, how to protect heads?


I'm drywalling a basement that has a steel I-beam. I've drywalled in the I-beam that is the at the entryway to the basement. The clearance is about 6'3". Any suggestions on what to put on the edges to protect heads of my taller friends and also protect the edges? I was thinking of foam pipe insulation, but the grey foam would look kind of tacky. Suggestions please!

Thanks, Mark
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The best and proper way is to raise the beam to a code compliant height.

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This isn't to Code and you obviously didn't obtain a permit to do this.

You need at least 6'-8".

I would recommend altering the I beam/adding a short one - seek an engineer to advise on what you can do. I have done this on occassion and it works out great. You may have to add 2 posts but this can usually be worked into most room arrangements.

I would spend the money to protect others as well as myself from getting beaned! Think about resale in what you are doing as well.

Good Luck!

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I wouldn't bother adding foam around the edges or anything ... most people 6' 3" and up (I'm 6'6") get used to ducking around things in basements. Trust me, we don't blindly walk into low hanging obstacles (normally, at any rate).

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