Plastering question?


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Plastering question?

I have a crew coming in to put up drywall and plaster a renovated kitchen.
While they're there, I asked the Contractor if they could do a layer of plaster
over the walls in two other rooms where wallpaper was just removed. The wallpaper was put up a long time ago directly to unprimes/unpainted walls. When we took it off, the underneath surface got diveted and went down to "cardboard" in some areas... so I can't just paint over this.
The Contractor said they can't just "put plaster" over this, it'd fall off.
He said they use some sticky stuff to prepare the surface and then do plastering? I don't know what he's talking about...
I want the walls finished so that I can paint and still hang pictures, etc...
Can someone explain to me the process? My friend's a painter and said this shouldn't be a big deal- so I want to be sure I don't get charged for a "big job" if it isn't... What's the best way to go?
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Is it really plaster?

When you say 'cardboard' - is it the brown side of drywall?

If you have gouged drywall (where the surface paper is removed) it is best to seal these gouges with Bin or Kilz, then re-mud (drywall compound).

If you really have plaster, I am afraid I cannot help you as I am unexperienced in plaster & lath.

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I also don't have much plaster experience. I assume the kitchen is blue board with a plaster coat over it. In your other 2 rooms for drywall repair you would need to prime as rdhamm suggested any unfaced gypsum. You can then patch and/or skim coat the walls with joint compound. I also don't know the workings of applying an actual plaster coat to the walls.
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There are several brands of bonding agents to help bond new plaster to existing old work of various kinds. If you go to and hunt around for Decorative Interior Finish system you will see that they have a whole system for plastering over existing drywall.
The proceedure is like this: apply the bonding agent as directed then when it is dry but not longer than ten days plaster it.

I suppose your painter friend is right. It's no big deal for a plasterer. That does not mean that the plasterer will give it away.

You will have the look and feel of plaster. If you can settle for less the two priecious posts tell you all the important other stuff.
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They plastered- can I use nails to hang pictures?

Well, I don't know HOW/WHAT they used to fill in the divets in the walls- (they're not plaster/lathe), so I guess the "cardboard" I saw must have been the drywall paper (but it was pretty thick!)
They plastered or "finished" it the same day. Walls are smooth now and I presume DONE...
I've yet to chat with the contractor to ask what they did.
However, now that it's finished- it definitely looks fine to go ahead and prime/paint but will this plaster/job be OK to hold nails for picture or mirror hanging or is it likely to crumble???
If it does crumble- do I just use spackle or joint compound the holes or use that MUD stuff that was mentioned?
I'm kind of nervous since it was just done and I don't want to wreck the walls.
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I wouldn't hang anything heavy [like mirrors] without securing them to a stud. I assume any knicks or other damage could be repaired with spackle or joint compound [= mud] Ask your contractor to be sure.

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