Dont want tape to peel.


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Dont want tape to peel.

I have seen more than a few houses where tape started to peel off of a wall. And these were done by professionals. I will be taping and spackeling a room with a 17 foot ceiling soon and, obviously, dont want to my tape to peel up top since are repair in a few years would be a nightmare.

What can I do to be sure I wont make a mistake and end up with tape that doesnt hold well? Someone even suggested mixing some paint with the first coat of spackle (being sure not to leave any high spots).
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Simple as putting on enough mud and not squeezing it all out.Use fresh mud and don't let it freeze[or have been frozen]. After the tape is on all subsequent coats have nothing to do with the tape peeling. So get it right. Do not add paint to the mud.

I am sure there are other things,but none as important as leaving enough mud under the tape imo.
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Peeling tape by pros was probably caused by being in a hurry and possibly the first coat of mud being over thinned. As joneq said as long as the mud is good and there is enough applied to adequately stick the tape to the wall there should be no problems. Also be sure to let dry throughly before applying 2nd coat of mud - that can also loosen the tape.
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Another thing to do is get a mud with more adhesive power for the first coat. In my area its called "yellow" mud where as all porpuse is called "green" mud
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I like the sound of that.

Never heard of it - but like the sound of it. Im going to look around. Im sure Home Depot and Lowes dont carry it, but maybe a building supplies place.
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I had trouble with the paper tape and decided to try the fiberglass. Most of the purists wouldn't use it. I tried a couple of seams with the fiberglass, pulled the seams already done with paper and redid them with fiberglass and never looked back.
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You may be looking back in a year because the fiberglass mesh tape is highley prone to cracking the seam. In My Opinoin, that tape should only be used for drywall repair, not a new tape job. Sorry for the bad news, but the pros never use this in the bed joint. But let's hope that you will be lucky and have no cracking. You got rid of the tape peeling problem but you opened the door for other problems.
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Peladu is right, and Ive seen it first hand. I did one long seam in my living room and my entire basement in mesh. The living room seam cracked and I have about 6 or 7 cracked areas in my basement. Fortunately, Im redoing the part of my living room that has the crack, and my basement is - well - just a basement .

I contacted USG and they confirmed that the mesh will crack because as the compound dries, it shrinks. The paper accomodates the shrinkage and the mesh does not. When using the mesh you need to use a setting compound which does not shrink as it dries.
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The color of mud refers to the lid color on USG joint compound. Blue lid mud is lightweight, good for final coating seams and corner bead. Green lid mud is regular weight and is good for sticking tape to the rock. As many drywall guys mix green and blue together, USG now sells mud with a purple lid. This weight is between the blue and green.

It is very important to apply the tape properly. Without it being done right, the tape will peel. If no mud is left behind the tape there is nothing gluing it to the wall, too much and a lot of mud is needed to coat the joint to make it look good

Although another contributing factor is the age of the house. New lumber is sometimes wet when the house is built. After completion, the wood dries out over the first year and the walls shrink slightly. This stresses the joints/seams in the drywall and the paper tape shows it. You can also see cracking next to windows that were "wrapped" with corner bead. (using drywall around the window instead of using extension jams.)

I wouldn't use mesh, as cracks can propagate through and you will get hairline cracks that look the same as plaster cracks.

My .02 I hope this helps.

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