Mis-Aligned Drywall


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Mis-Aligned Drywall

Hello DIYers and pros alike. Quick question if I may, I was unable to find an answer searching the boards.

I have a 10' x 9' room in my basement whos ceiling isnt perfectly level. Im currently drywalling the room and have come across this situation. When hanging a piece of drywall on one of the 10' wall lengths, attempting to butt the drywall against the ceiling drywall (I've believe this is suggested for additional support) I end up with a 1/2" gap at one end of the wall where the wall board meets the ceiling. The gap goes from 0" to a 1/2" through about a 6' length.

My question is this. Can this 0" to 1/2" gap be fixed during the mudding process? If so should some sort of corner bead material be used? If I need to re-do the wall (prefer not to but...) whats the best practice for placing drywall on a wall where the ceiling has a slight slope?

Many thanks for your time.
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Similar situation

I went ahead and hung the drywall.

I then used a quick setting mud (in the bag) and used that to fill all the gaps prior to taping.

I used the quick set for a couple of reasons. I think it is harder and it is supposed to shrink less.

After I got the gaps filled and the mud dried, I then taped normally.

I assume you have some backing to put the mud against...
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Thanks for your input rdhamm, I'm a bit relieved to hear your response as it confirms what I had hoped I could do. Also appreciate the tip on the quick set. As far as a backing goes, I have vapour barrier in behind that could act as a bit of a backing but I still have access on the back side of the wall so I think I'll tack something up there thats got some strength.
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As long as the rock is securely mounted there is nothing wrong with having gaps that need prefilling. As long as the rock is hung in a manner that alows proper finishing it doesn't matter if there are gaps here and there that need prefilling. Good finishing will hide all the little imperfections.

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