Basic drywall question!


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Question Basic drywall question!

Hello. I know very little to nothing about drywalls, and I would like to ask a basic question about it's capabilities.

I am working on a project where I would like to hang 9 cabinets on a wall extending roughly 16 feet. Each cabinet weights about 50 lbs. The cabinets will be spaced out in fixed distance, so I may, or may not hit studs behind this drywall.

Question 1). The drywall screws I picked up states it can handle up to 40lb per screw. Since I will be using 4 of them on each cabinets, I am hoping it will be secure enough. Should I use more?

Question 2). I do not know how thick or what grade the drywall is in my townhouse. Can I really put up 9x 50lb cabinets? That is total of 450lb on a wall. They will be spread out over 16ft, but the total weight is still very heavy.

Thank you in advance!
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Is it possible to hit a stud with every cabinet? At 50# a piece, hitting studs is a good idea.
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Basic drywall question!

Forget about the weight of the cabinet!! - The cabinet loaded with dishes will weight a lot more.

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The cabinets came with brackets with holes in specific locations. If I want to fit all 9 cabinets on this 16ft wall, I can't control where these holes will be.

If I get lucky, the few holes may line up with the studs. If not, I will have to rely on drywall screws.
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Before you put the cabinets up, find the studs. You can use a studfinder and then verify with an icepick. Mark them, measure them, whatever you need to do so you know where they are.

Get better screws.

Based on where your studs are, pre-drill new holes in the cabinets. If the cabinets are plywood in the back then youll be in good shape. If not, youll have to be creative (washers, nailing strips, making your own brackets, whatever) but hit the studs.
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I agree with rkoudelka, You must attach them to a stud! Drywall is only strong enought to support lightweight pictures and such. A drywall screw is a screw designed to attach drywall to a stud not to just screw into the drywall. If you don't have a stud finder you can tap on the wall and listen to the solid sound [as opposed to hollow] where the stud is. It doesn't hurt anything to drill or nail holes into the drywall to search for the stud - just make sure that the cabinet back will hide it.

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