Wonderboard as a wall covering?


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Wonderboard as a wall covering?

I don't like drywall, and dont really want to use wood on the walls so I have been looking for an alternative for the walls. I saw in an architecture book that they had used wonderboard on the walls.. left it unfinshed and untaped. On the picture it looked pretty cool but you know how that goes. First of all, has anyone heard of anyone doing this, and second would it be feasible to do something like this?

While I'm here... can anyone suggest alternatives to this or drywall. Even it if its a very cheap material I am just looking for a non-traditional wall material to put right on the exterior wall studs. Wood panelling is out btw

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Wonderboard will look crappy if not finished off in some way, all the seams will show and the busted corners, blah blah. You could tape all the seams and then trowel on some stucco effect..of course you could actually plaster the walls. Seems like alot of work when you could just drywall and stucco..but hey, it'll be FUN, right?
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I have noticed that with some architecture as long as it is uniformally "crappy" and incorporated with other artfully done features it can have a nice look. Basically though I am looking for a drywall alternative.
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It sounds like you are looking for plaster.
Other alternatives in no paticular order
cardboard. You could go with anything from refrigerator boxes to cereal boxes
Carpet. Shag looks good on walls
used offset plates from your local newspaper
box car siding diagonal is a nice effect
corregated roofing either horizontal or vertical
Fake brick
Fake stone
Fake sheetrock
mirror tile
glass block It looks good with lights behind it
Canvas. If you are or know an artist put a mural on it
There must be others.
What do some or you decorators say?
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Magicash, without knowing your motivation I think its heard for anyone to really help (although tightcoat gave a good list of suggestions).

Why do you not like drywall? Do you not like the spackling that is part of the job? Do you have highly eccentric sense of style and its just too common and boring? Do you boycott certain industries?

Personally I think wonderboad could look cool as a wall, depending on where the room is and what style you are going for. Just as an example, maybe a play room (maybe even a bedroom) for a young boy that you want to make real rugged and cool looking. Wonderboad on the walls, exposed ceiling joists with wiring run in coduit. If your into welding, you could make furniture out of rebar. It all depends what your trying to accomplish.
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Thanks for the suggestions thus far. Rkoudelka, you make a good point about motivation. Firstly, I wouldn't say I was highly eccentric but I am shooting for a different style than is found in midwest Indiana. I am looking for a boxy industrial look, with 2 or 3 floors mostly open to the ceiling.

2nd, Im looking for something I can hang by myself if needed so I was looking at cement "hardy board" or something like that (normally used in tiling). I've put up quite a bit of drywall before, don't want to do it again. Plus I suck at mudding and taping.

3rd, I'm looking for a cheaper material that is fairly durable. I'm basically looking for uncommon/cheap material to use in at least half of my building material. Even items I can salvage from torn down buildings, ect.

This should have been my first post, sorry about the vagueness in my first post!

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