Is this a new stain in the ceiling?


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Is this a new stain in the ceiling?

Several years ago when hurricane Irene went by we had a roof leak and part of my ceiling had water stains. It's a popcorn ceiling so I did not mess with it until I have to. Thinking I will probably remove all the popcorn instead of just repainting over the stains. But I did have a roofer repair the leak last year and so far so good, until Wilma.

After last week's hurricane Wilma, my roof had some tile damages along the ridges, see below:

I am still waiting to get a roofer to come repair it, but the wait could be a while when everyone needs roofers.

Meanwhile my wife noticed a stain she said is new. I am not sure if it's new, it is close to the old stain, so I don't know, and now she said she is not sure either.

Is there a fool proof way to tell if a water stain is new or old on a popcorn ceiling?

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I doubt there is any fool proof way to distinguish a new water stain from an old one. The new stain might be a little darker and the rock might still be damp but ....
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new stains

Dealing with earthquake & aftershock repairs- I'm going to tape paper to ceiling & see if it gets a drip mark..may work for you too,good luck

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