Square metre average


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Square metre average

Hello everyone..
can anyone shed some light on this question.

How much can a very good jointer do in one day with and without speedtape.

I have heard people boasting they can do 1200 sqm in 3 days all 3 coats??

What can a good jointer achieve in one day on price work, realistically..

can anyone help?

also what tools would you be using?
I use a Hawk 11inch Tyzac finishing trowel and a 4 inch Marshalltown knife.

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If your talking about interior drywall taping and mudding, my subs belt out 1200sf houses somplete in 2 days. That's walking into a house that's already had the sheetrock hung so all they have to do is tape/mud the joints and texture. The typically do 2 houses a day. Figuring they have ome house already taped, they'll start at the fresh home and get it all taped/mudded, then in the afternoon go to the first house that's already been taped/mudded and apply the texture througout and so goes the process.

Every houe will be a little different with # of corners, vaulted ceilings, ceiling height, etc...but for the everyday run of the mill singel story ranch with standard built specs, 2 days for drywall finishing.

If a guy tried to do that with just tape and drywall knifes...your profit margin will be very small due to the extended on site time you'll be there to get the same results as the pros with the right tools for this type of work.

They break up into 2 teams, one with team with a banjo and the other team with the bazooka and 2 guys with 6 or 8" knifes fethering out the second & last fethering out coat after the banjo and bazooka have gone through applying the tape/mud. That's where the hot mud really comes into play since you dont have to wait a day for one coat to dry.

and in this area they typically get $.15/sqft to hang it & $.35/sqft to tape/mud/texture
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So what your saying is that i could be using different tools?? the guys i know use the same albeit speedtape..

the process we use here is much the same but, we would go round with fibre tape taping all the joints then apply the first coat, once dry 2 coats of finish then sand down, if i were using paper tape then it would be a little different, you guys use square feet we use square metre.. from what i can gather a good tape and jointer can do around 360 square metres a day on his own using fibre tape, the houses you refere to are they done by one man??

what i'm trying to find out is...; what can one man do in a day if he is good/fast without a bazooka or other tape machine??

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