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Unhappy Faux Pas

I jumped the gun and started the project without properly preparing my walls, and I continued doing everything in the wrong order. Now I need to know what to do at this point.

Background: We started with wood paneling that had already been painted with a glossy paint. This paint was in good condition and is not peeling.
What I did: I painted with acrylic paint with popcorn texture without priming nor sanding. Then I decided I wanted to fill in the paneling grooves. So I used joint compound and left the texture rough (didn't sand it), but I didn't fill in every area either, which I believe I will need to do to get the look I really want. Then I painted on top of that with the acrylic paint popcorn mixture.
The big problem: The texture can be knocked off with your finger and exposes the original gloss paint underneath. And the paint can be knicked and peeled off down to the original gloss paint underneath.
What I would like the end result to look like: stucco or stone.
Budget: I didn't want to spend a fortune on expensive faux paint; however, I do want it to look nice.

Do I need to sand all the paint off that I just did including all the glossy paint that was on the paneling surface? Can I use TSP? Or can I just prime on top of what I've done already?

Any suggestions of how to fix this in the shortest amount of time and still achieve the results I want? Please help!!!!
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Popcorn texture is not suitable for walls. It will always be easily knicked and scraped. It just isn't the type of material that can handle any type of abuse.

The big problem you have is the fact that nothing is bonded to the gloss paint on the wall. There is no easy fix. To correct it you need to sand [or scrape] it back down to the original gloss paint, sand and prime with a good bonding type primer.

I believe after primer it would be ok to use a texture paint [works better on drywall] on the paneling - just don't use popcorn.

Sorry there isn't an easy fix but the hardest lessons are the ones most remembered. Welcome to DIY 101

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