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Party Wall BAD soundproofing (HELP!!!!)

Party Wall BAD soundproofing (HELP!!!!)


Old 11-09-05, 04:02 AM
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Angry Party Wall BAD soundproofing (HELP!!!!)

Hi all, hope you can help ! I've just moved into a new house only built a few months now. Its a semi-d house and the soundproofing on the party wall between myself and the house next door is terrible. I can hear everything from them talking, walking around, opening/closing kitchen presses you name it I can hear it

Is there anything that can be done to fix this problem? If I can't reduce the noise between the two houses I'm putting the house up for sale thats how bad it is ! (viewing only when next door are out of course!!!!)

Do you have any advice at all you can give me.

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Old 11-09-05, 07:25 AM
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Party Wall BAD soundproofing (HELP!!!!)

If you like the location and really want to get reduce the noise, you can partially rebuild the wall. This would mean tearing off the sheetrock, but you would not be making any structural modifications. You would lose several inches (2 - 4) of room space.

One method would be to go with staggered studs. It is very basic, but messy. You would add a 2x to the existing top and bottom plates. It could be either a 2x2 or a 2x4, depending on what wall thickness you want. Put in studs at 16" on center, but spaced to avoid the existing studs. Insulate the cavity completely with fiberglass or rock wool. Make sure you have insulation around and behind the outlets and switches. Don't worry if you compress the insulation a bit. The idea is to isolate your wall surface from the neighbor's wall surface and not provide a direct path for the sound transmission through the studs. The insulation in the walls will deaden the "drum" effect of the sheetrock. Replacing the sheetrock with 5/8" will also help.

There also special accoustical clips and tools you can use to go further. It all depends how dideicated you are. When it comes to eliminating sound there are many methods and I am sure someone else will have options.

Unfortunately, this method does not eliminate the direct transmission of impact and vibration through the structur, but it does work for sound transmited through the air. If you strip off the sheetrock and find there are already staggered studs, you will really have to go to extreme measures.

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Short of building new walls, using a real acoustical insulation, or some other drastic measures; you won't eliminate the noise easily or cleanly.

(Or you could try a bigger stereo, ear plugs, but if the noise is that bad I would just move. The settlement money you may lose would probably be less than the fix, especially if it is needed on all floors of the house)

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