Ceiling & Floor replacement


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Ceiling & Floor replacement

I am replacing old plaster/lathed ceilling and soft wood floor in a 2nd fl bedroom. Ceiling got wet from attic leak years ago & never recovered. Ceiling now down revealing no insulation and exposure to roof in front of house. There is also no insulation below the soft wood floor.
1. Is there any waterproofing spray product that could be sprayed on interior of roof and roof/dormer areas that would help eliminate future water leak & ceiling damage. Exterior repairs have been made.
2. Should I install insullation & if so...thickness; w/or w/o backing;hugging bottom of rafters or top; between exposed roof rafters or just ceiling rafters?
3. Best way to level ceiling rafters for installation of sheet rock...just shim along rafters or cross rafters with furring strips?
4. Best way to determine level.....products?
5. Insulate floor? If so, again, what thickness, backed or not, hugging top of rafters & new sub flooring or pushed against 1st fl ceiling, or between?

Thanks jbh
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1. No. Weather proofing is applied to the weather side.
2. Insulation is installed with the vapor barrier toward the conditioned space,
in the ceiling joist bays, wheather or not it is your future intention to
finish the attic or not.
If you are using a seperate applied vapor barrier you can use unfaced
product. Check your local code for insulation min. requirements, R-30 at
a min.
Be sure NOT to obstruct the natural flow from the eave vents.
3.&4. There are several ways to address this depending on how far out of
level individual framing members are.
Sistering with 2x4's for the most drastic, compressed paper drywall shim
stock for the minor.
The areas can be identified by siting across the bottom surface, using
the light weight string used in "T" bar ceiling installation, or a
mono-filamint fishing line.
5. For sound proofing?
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Follow-up:Ceiling & Floor Replacement

Snoonyb: Thanks for info. Re: #5, ie insulation in floor of 2nd fl. bedroom: I was thinking heat containment for chilly 1st fl. room...Yes?/No?
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#5. That will probably only add stability to the situation. You might be better served to address any air infiltration and consider employing ceiling fans to improve circulation. As impracticle as it seems on cooler days, air in motion mixes.

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