building partition wall


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building partition wall


i'm building a partition wall that's perpendicular to an exterior wall, and i've run into the following issues:

1. the exterior wall isn't plumb. along the 8' height, the top plate is about 2" further out than the bottom plate (so the wall is leaning back slightly)

2. the subfloor slopes down along the length of the partition wall, although the ceiling joists are level.

i'm stick building the partition, as opposed to framing it on the ground and then raising it into place. i can make every stud plumb (except the stud abutting the exterior wall, given that it would require huge shims to make it plumb), it's just that each stud will probably be a different height since the top and bottom plate converge slightly. aside from the inconvenience of cutting each stud to fit and eventually drywalling a non-square wall, is there anything else i should be aware of?

also, i have another wall to build that will also have the same issues, so can anyone offer any better methods of framing? would framing it square on the ground and then shimming in place offer any advantages?

thanks in advance
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I think you are going about it the right way. I order to make your life easy, make sure that your stud layout comes off the top of the existing wall (the furthest point out). That way, your first sheet of drywall will need to be cut at the odd angle (top to bottom), although all the other sheets will fall into place the way they need to on the studs.

I definately wouldn't build in on the ground and try to rack it into place.


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