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What to do about walls & ceiling

I am building a 12' x 12' shed with a 4' porch to add character. It started out being a shed but now my wife wants me to turn it into shed/bathroom with a sink, toilet & shower stall. I contructed the floor 12" off grade out of 2x6's- 12" on center with 3/4" plywood. The walls are 2x4's 16" on center with T1-11
siding. The trusses are a sissor type. My question is.. I don't know what to install for the interior walls & ceiling since this was supposed to be just a shed. Any suggestions??

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First, buy your wife some flowers ... she is about to kick you out!

If there will be humidity, you should use greenboard rather than regular drywall. Otherwise, you could use a natural tongue and groove wood siding. Or a combination of each.

Not knowing where you live, consider heating it too. Otherwise all of your pipes are going to freeze and you will have a very wet mess on your hands.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks, MS..We're in southern Az where it is quite warm . We have actually thought about tounge & groove but I'm not sure if we should do both the walls & the ceiling . or do partual walls with t&g & the rest with drywall & paint or what.... decisions, decisions, decisions!
Thanks again..DMD...
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Either one looks nice.

You may also want to consider installing a ventilation fan, as the outside door will probably be kept closed, and the shower will fill the area with humidity.

It will be far easier to install before the walls are done.

Good luck! Sounds like a great "shed"

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